‘Gorgeous views and fabulous people work here’

Treasure Bay Hotel Bay ViewJust look at this beautiful picture taken of Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina’s Bay View by Chris Uglanica. We were fortunate to welcome Chris Uglanica as a guest at our hotel. Chris is the founder of CU Photography and he specializes in wedding and engagement photography. Chris said, “Thanks for the wonderful memories from our first stay back in December! Gorgeous view and fabulous people work here!” Looking at Chris’ testimonial and many others, there is an obvious commonality. The reason why so many people love our hotel is not only because of the beautiful location and amenities, but also our staff.

Our friend Lynn told us about her annual trip to Treasure Bay Hotel each July and how she “can’t wait til then.” Lynn tell us why she loves coming to our hotel as she said, “Thanks for being a nice, clean, friendly hotel. It’s hard to find that anymore.”

Another testimonial was from the Wilfong Family. The Wilfong Family stayed with us recently and although they had “been on many vacations and to places like Toronto, Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, and even a Mexican Cruise,” “nothing compared to the vacation [they] recently took to Treasure Island.” The Wilfong Family rated our hotel an 11 out of 10 for “everything from the check-in to the staff to the room and even the views.” The Wilfong Family said how they “were treated so well…Thank you Phyllis and all her staff who treated us like family! We will miss you!”

Another guest that might have to agree that it is the people that truly make the difference is our friend Alvin from Ft. Lauderdale. Alvin said that he felt like rating our hotel was the “least [he] could do after being treated so professionally.” Alvin sent out a special thank you to one of our front desk managers Haydee for all her help. He had “stayed at many hotels all over the world,” but “Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina was clean, well presented.” Alvin said, “There is no question that I’ll be back. Wish I could of stayed longer. AAA+”

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