Friday Morning Market Opens in Treasure Island, FL!

The Friday Morning Market is back in Treasure Island, FL, this January 18th-April 13th. Bring your family down to enjoy all of the festivities located at the corner of 104th Avenue and 106th Avenue behind the Treasure Island Community Center just under a five-minute walk from the Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina.

While having a great time in Treasure Island, FL, isn’t hard to do, the Friday Morning Market is an open air market unique to the Tampa Bay area and definitely a favorite among the community and visitors alike. Fans of the event enjoy being able to shop for local merchandise, produce, and some unique arts and crafts too. Visitors, especially Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina guests who have the best amenity of a in-room kitchenette, love being able to find fresh fish and produce to prepare in their rooms. While many other visitors simply love just bringing a chair to enjoy the delicious dishes and live music. The best part is that this is free event.

Don’t miss the Friday Morning Market that kicks off on January 18th and will continue every Friday through April 13th from 9AM-2PM. Call the Treasure Island Chamber of Commerce at (727) 360-4121 for more details.

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