Treasure Island Sport Kite Flying Competition 2013

Registration is now open for the 2013 Treasure Island Sports Kite Championship happening on January 19th & 20th in Treasure Island, FL! This two day event will be an added bonus to the Treasure Island Kite Festival all happening along the shores of the Thunder Bird Beach Resort located on just a four-minute walk down Gulf Blvd. from the Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina.

The Treasure Island Sports Kite Championship is a huge Tampa Bay tourist attraction drawing crowds from up and down the East Coast during the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend. This January 19th-20th 2013, catch the two day event of excellent competition on one of the best kite flying beaches in the country. The two day kite flying event will be completely integrated into the Treasure Island Kite Festival, which promises to bring a large audience ready to watch the acrobatic displays from kite flying participants.

Spend a beautiful weekend with us in in Treasure Island, FL, and enjoy one of the best multi-line kite flying events in all the U.S. this Martin Luther King holiday weekend. Watch this video and get excited about aerial ballets and other tricks along with kite flying demonstrations, candy drops, and other activities all part of the Treasure Island Sport Kite Championship just a short walk from our the Treasure Bay Hotel and Marina hotel.

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